About Me

I am Ericka Forshee. Since I was very young I have been interested in observing the development and behavior of human beings, for which I began my studies in psychology, then I received the great news that I was going to be a young mother and for health reasons I suspended the University; then I dedicated myself to work to move forward with the upbringing of my son with the objective of offering him the proper education and always give him the best example of responsibility, respect and unconditional love.


After a while I had the opportunity relocate to a new country and city, Panama, Panama with my family. Panama offered opportunities that enabled me to move forward with my responsibilities.

A few years later a difficult situation arose, and I made the decision to relocate to the United States. I had to reinvent myself and begin over. I continued to climb the ladder finally establishing my home and my desired path.

Going through all these challenges were full of learning experiences that helped me to grow and accept them with love and gratitude. This has been a period of personal growth and development of my strengths, security, forgiveness, resilience, empathy, and trust in God. I decided to answer the call and leave my comfort zone, continuing my studies preparing myself in Escuela de Vida where I discovered a potential of wisdom in me. This awakening and new awareness of my inner power has led me to live a free, abundant, and a happy life.

Today I am certified as a Master Coach by ICF (International Coaching Federation), NLP Neurolinguistic Programming, Enneagram studies and a Course of Miracles to serve, inspire and accompany woman who are going through a similar situation. My mission is to guide woman on their journey of self-discovery and self-love, to help in the development of her full potential, the conquest of her fears and thus know the experience of gratitude and serenity, to live in harmony and awareness. I use tools and strategies that I have learned and practiced throughout this beautiful journey of my life as a Life and Spiritual Coach.

I honor and thank God, my parents, my brother, my son and my husband for their support and unconditional love. I also want to thank my teachers, my fellow students and my work team for their teachings and true friendship, thank you to the people for their trust and allow these contributions to start a beautiful path of knowing the BEING and awakening of consciousness.


Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has helped me to be who I am as a person and as a professional.

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