Life Coaching


Training and accompaniment to discover the power of the mind which needs to be trained, to achieve positive thoughts and discover the potential through the knowledge of limiting beliefs learning strategies to convert them into expansive beliefs expanding such knowledge to meet the objectives in the path of life.



Guide you how to obtain great results and find the great treasure that is within you which is your infinite potential. Learn how to program yourself to achieve success.

Spiritual Coaching


Ways to take care of the spiritual area. Through meditation we can harmonize the body, mind and spirit bringing healing and balance. Wonderful benefits of meditation to improve physical, mental and emotional health because spirituality is the contact with peace and love. It is important to strengthen our spirituality as a source of health, harmony and serenity.


Encounter with your essence of love, abundance and peace. A training to expand the vision of life and awaken more and more your consciousness to Love. Your life expands when your mind, heart and soul are nourished and balanced.


We will advance through practices that will allow you to connect with the wisdom of your soul and the Divine Essence of your Being.



Knowing the 9 personality types and finding the way to know how we do things, what we do and how we feel them. A course in miracles: Through this practice I was able to know the fears that affect my decision making and learn to trust my potential. Conquer those fears and transform my thoughts by training my mind to achieve love, serenity and gratitude in my life’s journey. Transforming history because the past changes when our way of seeing it changes.

Healers of Light


Facilitate the decoding of emotional charges and the activation of codes of Love, Freedom and Trust.

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